Thursday, 3 July 2014

Words Spoken In Haste or Anger Cannot Be Taken Away

Be Kind And Do Not Hurt Another Person With Words.

I recently experienced feelings which were brought up by someone close to me losing it and screaming things at me, which I have been since told by another person is regretted. I would like to make it clear in this little epistle that none of us are victims to another person and cannot be hurt by what is said or done to us, as it is always our stuff that is triggered. It becomes then an opportunity to use it as a mirror to connect with our own feelings and deeper unresolved stuff. And so, this happening and subject was brought to my attention and offers an opportunity to share in the hope that this may help you in your relationships. I feel to write about how what we say can affect another person and words once said can quite possibly never be retracted or made up for, leaving permanent scars.
The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself, specifically, the God Within You. It must be treated with sacredness. No one can take that away from you unless you let them. It is your sacred and precious connection, which as it grows, may overflow to others as unconditional love. It must be treated with sacredness.
It can be misunderstood by the immediate members of your family, colleagues, and friends and so on, or for that matter, anything about us may be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Do not doubt yourself and keep your heart connection as the best and most sacred way to live, holding fast with courage and commitment.
Thus I write to you now, sharing with you to be kind, compassionate and tolerant to your fellow man, especially those who are closest to you in your daily life. Words spoken in haste and anger can never be unsaid. That is why we ultimately have to be careful in our speech and take responsibility for our feelings, without blaming another. It is not okay to blame another person for upsetting us. In reality, no one can upset another; it is a self-created experience which may take wisdom to fully understand.
This could be an excellent foundation to take in and potentially use with our growing children.
·         Be responsible for how I feel.
·         Be kind to myself.
·         Be kind to others.
·         Deal with my issues first before speaking to another.
·         Do not project attach energy onto another person.
Maybe, part of your quest is to create more love in the world and harmonise situations. If people do not understand you, do not fret, walk away and know that there will be people out there with whom you can resonate harmoniously.
The second aspect of this conversation is whether you have already hurt others by wounding words. Whilst what you have said may never be taken back, leaving a permanent scar, still something needs to be done about rectifying the past.
This must be of your own discernment, as there is no hard and fast rule. Whilst words cannot be retracted, deeper healing and understanding may occur. It may even be beneficial and open the way to deeper feelings and understanding in your life.
Imagine this, you stubbornly hold a grudge and do not attempt to heal an open wound whilst the other party is alive. You may be burdened for the remainder of your life. Ultimately it will come around again in the next life in order to be resolved.
This is not an ideal situation, slowing your journey in life as you are led into experiences that need to be resolved and repeated again and again. Another thing, correct boundaries will always be relevant and necessary, as is also cord cutting and energetic energy clearing.                                   
One other important thing to be aware of is to not try to change people, especially if we are aware that we are not on the same ‘wave length’. We cannot make anything happen with intellectual discussion and arguing.
People are in their own belief system arriving from self-imposed conditioning and limitations arising from what we come in with from our previous lifetimes and continuing on with our present life’s experiences.
On a soul level we may unite our hearts and you will feel this like an opening and expansion feeling when it happens. If we are misunderstood this can only be improved with unconditional loving … otherwise walk away, ceasing to connect on an egoic level until another time. Summing up what this means is:
·         Think and feel before you speak or say anything in the heat of the moment
·         What other people think about you is none of your business
·         Hold strong, clear boundaries
·         Clear your own stuff first
·         Do not blame another for your feelings, be responsible for them
·         Honour your sacredness as God dwells within you
·         Honour the God in another
·         Use altercations as opportunities to clear your own unresolved issues or baggage
·         Live a life of gratitude
I hope this is helpful. Please email me, Lynette Mitchell if you need to, or go to my website to check out my other blogs or find out about laughter yoga sessions.
Love and Laughter Blessings
Lynette Mitchell xo

Disclaimer: This article is written from my personal understanding and experience and is not to be misconstrued in any way. Advice given is general and as I am not a medical doctor, take no responsibility for how it is received, my intention is that articles will be supportive and assist in living a more holistic life.

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